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Thank you for informing me that you are separating your streaming and DVD plans into two distinct plans. Now, we have three exciting choices: streaming-only for a cheaper rate than our current $9.99 a month, DVD-only for a cheaper rate than our $9.99 a month, or both for a staggering $15.98 per month. I understand that this is to better reflect the cost to you.

I am sure you will also understand when I change my plan to streaming-only, bringing my monthly payments down by two dollars. This price reduction will better reflect my low opinion of you and my diminished desire to give you my monies.

I would tell you that you don't need to do anything to win back my affections, but you already seem disinclined to try, what with your complete lack of membership perks or reduced package rates for both plans. Honestly, I'm having trouble reading this as anything but a cheery "fuck you."

Well, as you pointed out, I do have many choices for home entertainment. I'm sure I'll get along just fine.



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