Dec. 1st, 2010 09:35 pm
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If I'm going to be home sick, I might as well accomplish SOMETHING. So here's another installment of the riveting Bobbsey Twins Liveblog! As always, previous chapters can be found by following the little tag at the bottom of the entry.

Chapter Eight: A Hungry Giraffe )


Nov. 11th, 2010 10:35 pm
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Time for another installment of the Bobbsey Twins Liveblog, which is so long overdue that it has now become the Bobbsey Twins Liveblog 2009-?, essentially. UNACCEPTABLE. I hereby give you all permission to hit me with pool noodles if I fail to update at least once a month, because REALLY.

If you need a refresher, and you probably do, follow the tag to find the other chapters.

Without further ado, Chapter Seven: the Mushroom Cave )
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For those of you new to my flist, I am slowly but surely liveblogging my way through a Bobbsey Twins book--one of several that I bought at Goodwill in a fit of nostalgia and thriftiness. Previous installments can be found via the tag.

Chapter Five: The Mountain Chase )
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Such is the title of the book with which I've decided to amuse myself in the time between climbing into bed and actually feeling tired enough to sleep. I bought it at Goodwill (along with a few other Bobbsey Twins books) some time ago. And, you guys, I couldn't even make it past the chapter index without finding several things I just had to tell you all about, because they made my insides hurt so much with repressed giggles.

Firstly, for those of you who never read these books (or haven't seen one recently), the first page contains a summary of the book; the sort of thing you'd typically find on the back cover of books today (the back cover of this tome lists out all the other books in the series). Here is the summary:

A two-weeks' visit with Aunt Alice on her private island in the Hudson River is an exciting prospect for the Bobbsey twins. The more exciting because Bert, Nan, Freddie, and Flossie know that Aunt Alice plans to give each of them a special present--just because she loves them.

But the twins naturally seem to attract adventure. Imagine their surprise when they learn that the U.S. Customs Service has its eye on the island, looking for smugglers. Puzzling, too, is the disappearance of a big wooden crate containing their great-great-aunt's valuable heirlooms.

The twins don't spend all their time investigating clues. There's too much to do--with a whole island, a boat, a historic river, and a new "treasure" at every turn.

A night's camp-out unravels one puzzling mystery, but it takes a trip all the way down the Hudson to New York City to solve the other. And the third mystery--why Aunt Alice doesn't give them their presents--they're too polite to ask, of course--has a happy ending too!

I just... I don't even know what to say. The copyright says 1963. IT WAS A SIMPLER TIME. Also, that is some heavy use of dashes in the last paragraph. I'm impressed.

But then--THEN--I turned the page, which has an illustration! I may have to take a picture of it and upload it tomorrow, because it is that hilarious. The four twins are standing at the rail of a boat, their backs to the reader, watching as a net full of various flotsam is hauled up out of the water. Riveting stuff, made more exciting by the caption: "Look! A box with straps on it!" OH GOD, THE TENSION, THE MYSTERY, I CANNOT STAND IT!

At this point, I didn't think it was possible for me to laugh any harder. Then I turned the page again, and saw that chapter seven has the promising title, "The Mushroom Cave."

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