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- Sometimes I wish my street was a bit more off the beaten path. I'm used to various emergency vehicles blaring their way past my window late at night, but being awoken by them at the asscrack of dawn is its own special brand of suck. At least my windows were shut, so it wasn't as heart-attack-inducing as it could have been, but still, not the way I would have chosen to start my morning.

- Anyone else having an It's A National Holiday And Nobody Told Me sort of day? I was the only person at the bus stop (which doesn't happen often and always makes me paranoid that I missed the bus), and one of the only people on the bus when it did show up (seriously, it was just me and some dude sleeping/passed out in the back). Seems like half the staff is out, too. Then again, most of them have kids and it's start of summer vacation for them, so maybe people are just cashing in their vacation days now. Today has been slower than molasses in January, anyway, so it's not like we're feeling the crunch.

- Covering the front desk all day because our usual back-up isn't in. The upside: I have a bit of a view. Not much of one, but at least I can see some of the skyline. I've noticed a lot of helicopters going back and forth, but the Strib doesn't have any Exciting Breaking News posted, so I'm not sure what's brought them out.

- I made a quick Target run today to get Tylenol--got a pretty bad headache on Saturday night (bad for me, anyway), and the closest thing to Tylenol that we even had in the apartment was some cold-specific stuff. It worked, but I figured it was dumb to not have a Big Bottle O' Pain Relief on hand. I couldn't have timed it better; a few people have wandered by the desk complaining of headaches. I feel like a magician whipping out my Big Bottle O' Pain Relief.

- Downside to covering the front desk: I can't listen to music. As a result, I've had that "Man Up" song from "The Book of Mormon" stuck in my head all day.

- I decided to get some exercise yesterday by walking downtown and back to buy "Tangled" from the B&N. It's a round trip of about four miles (with a nice two-or-three-story staircase thrown in there), so I felt like I got a bit of a workout. Now I'm kinda sore, though, and debating whether or not to walk home. HMMM.


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