Feb. 5th, 2011

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A small, tortie cat just wandered into our apartment. Waltzed right in while John was holding the door open, trying to get all of his things together before he left. I was alerted by his relatively calm, "Holy fucking shit, a cat just walked into our apartment."

I didn't see it at first because it was so wee (not a kitten, just wee compared to Fivey's noble bulk), but Fivey saw it and was crouched by the futon, staring it down. The little tortie stared back, and I decided I'd best pick it up before the two had a chance to decide they didn't feel like getting along. Fortunately, the little tortie didn't seem to mind being held--at least not to the point of violent protest.

So that's how I wound up wandering the hall, knocking on doors, asking if anyone had lost a cat. Turns out the little tortie belongs to the people at the far end of the hallway (of course... thank goodness there aren't that many units per floor), who hadn't even realized she'd given them the slip. They were very happy to get her back.

Fivey is now having an existential crisis. He thought he was the only cat here! It never would have occurred to him that he would need to stand guard by the door in case another cat came in, but it sure has occurred to him, now. Even as he flops on my rug and plays with his catnip rat, he's always within sight of the front door, his tail fluffed to a greater degree than normal. Poor puss.


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